August 4, 2023

What do you use Crypto for?

We are several years deep into what I refer to as the mainstream crypto era.” By now, most people are familiar with what cryptocurrency is, but its regular use still seems limited. Things that I have seen it used for (ignoring nfts, decentralized exchanges, defi, etc):

  1. Buying stolen/hacked accounts on hackforums & darkweb

  2. Purchasing leaked music

  3. Purchasing drugs

  4. Money Laundering

None of these seem like something my mom would be interested using….

Services like ko-fi or buy me a coffee seem like an ideal service to replace with crypto. Have a donate button that when you click opens metamask or another wallet and lets you donate.

The transaction speed problem seems to be fixed. Could the difficulty lie in people’s ability to acquire cryptocurrency in the first place, or perhaps in the transaction fees involved?

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