July 29, 2023

Support Your Foundation

My GitHub account hosts more than 60 projects. I would estimate that 90% of these are built using the same handful of packages: Django, requests, PostgreSQL, etc. These projects often share common infrastructure as well.

I’ve created a simple script that can analyze your requirements.txt’ file and inform you if there’s a funding page on PyPI for the corresponding project.

If you visit https://github.com/sponsors/explore, you can see the dependencies of your public repositories that you can sponsor.

Are there any other methods to support these developers or projects in an easy or fast way?

#Made by https://twitter.com/OppositeInvict2
import requests
def get_packages_from_requirements_file(filepath):
  with open(filepath, 'r') as file:
    lines = file.readlines()
  packages = [line.strip().split('==')[0] for line in lines]
  return packages
def get_pypi_info(package):
  url = f'https://pypi.org/pypi/{package}/json'
  response = requests.get(url)
  response.raise_for_status()  # will raise an error if the request fails
  return response.json()
def check_for_funding_link(package):
  package_info = get_pypi_info(package)
  project_urls = package_info['info'].get('project_urls', {})
  funding_link = project_urls.get(
      'Funding')  # 'Funding' is common but not guaranteed
  if funding_link:
    print(f'Package {package} has a funding link: {funding_link}')
    print(f'Package {package} does not have a funding link.')
def analyze_requirements_file(filepath):
  packages = get_packages_from_requirements_file(filepath)
  for package in packages:
    'requirements.txt')  # change to your requirements.txt file path

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