April 9, 2022

How I made a bot that scrapes HTML and posts to Twitter using No-Code

Background:I recently finished launching a small webapp that I made for fun. If You Had Invested. It doesn’t do much except tell you potential gains (or losses) you would have had if you held onto a stock/crypto in the past. My inspiration for the project came when I realized I had unhealthy obsession checking stocks with the biggest moves pre-market. I would then see how much you would have made if you had bought them 12 months in the past.

Problem: I wanted to come up with a way to be notified about the stocks with the biggest moves pre-market and see how much money you would have made if you held for the past year via a link to If You Had Invested. Also would be nice if it was posted to social media. Finally, I wanted it to be done without having to build/host my own script and all the programming that comes along with it.

Solution: Enter Zapier, my favourite no code platform.
I started off with a trigger zap to run the zap at 9am every weekday.

I then used a Parse webpage zap to go to https://finance.yahoo.com/gainers/ and copy the HTML.

Using the text zap, I took the HTML from the previous zap as the input and Regex to extract the stock symbol I needed.

And then finally using the Twitter zap I could automatically post the link to twitter.

In about 5 minutes I was able to create a solution whereas without no-code it would have taken 5 minutes to just figure out what packages I would need to code this up.

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