October 24, 2022

Copilot causes popular projects to become more popular

I have been using Github copilot for the past several months and I honestly think its one of the best tools’ I have ever used. I suspect it is writing about 50% of the code I produce and only about 10-20% of the time it is wrong/needs to be changed.

Approximately a week ago I started using HTMX and noticed that I would have to explicitly force co-pilot to use htmx by telling it in the comments despite it being littered all over my project. After an inflection point I no longer had to tell it. A similar experience happened on the backend side as co-pilot would often recommend using requests versus urllib. This raises several interesting questions:

  1. Will the popular libraries become more popular as copilot, by default, will suggest using them?

  2. How will computer science eduction move forward? Outside of fundamental topics any sort of simple high school or college level programming assignment can be done in 10 seconds using copilot

  3. My experience is skewed as a full stack developer who often jumps between 3 or 4 different languages. The biggest advantage for me is that copilot can help me remember’ the different formatting of the languages rather than the logic of the code. I suspect that the advantages of copilot is lessened by those who work in a single language but I can’t confirm that?

  4. What is the ideal price point for this? I would easily pay 50-100$ a month to use this but I suspect I am in the minority.

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