January 21, 2022

Update for Predict My Step Score 2022

First of all, a warm thank you to all the people who submitted a score in 2021 to predictmystepscore.com. The site is only made possible thanks to the contributions from medical students.

I went ahead and updated the site with 2021 data so if you submitted a score recently you may see that it has changed a bit.

Here are some fun facts:

Total number of submissions made to predictmystepscore.com in 2021: 386,982

Total number of people that submitted their final test score: 3014 (that is almost 2000 more than last year)

Most predictive NBME for Step 1: NBME 28 (or UWORLD SIM 2)

Most predictive NBME for Step 2 CK: NBME 10

Most predictive NBME for Step 3: NBME 4 (but UWORLD SIM 2 is better)

Unfortunately the amount of data I am collecting and hosting is starting to add up so I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be able to keep the site up.

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