February 3, 2023

How to Save A Life When You Are Wealthy

  1. Have a doctor friend or a set of concierge doctors in different timezones

  2. Buy a fancy EKG machine

  • You’ll want one that can interpret the rhythm well or just send it to your group of doctors. Next time you or a family is having chest pain get an EKG
  • Newer ones can be hooked up with a spare laptop and have better algorithims
  1. Buy an AED
  • A good one can be had for a thousand dollars and you’ll have to replace every couple of years but can be the difference between life and death. Recommended brand: Philips
  1. Become BLS certified
  • (Good) CPR saves lives
  1. Learn how to put in an IV and have spare IV Fluids on hand
  • Sometimes something as simple as fixing dehydration when you are ill can prevent a hospital visit (where you are bound to experience some sort of medical error)
  • IVF costs about 200$/Liter online (good website: https://www.mountainside-medical.com)

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