September 1, 2022

Ethereum Merge Hot Takes

Ethereum Merge Hot takes:

  1. If you are mining, now is the time to sell your hardware. Look at Look at the volume done by ethereum. Now scroll down and see how little volume you find with every other coin. All that hardware is going to collapse every other shitcoin.

  2. If you are building a new computer wait until after the merge to buy parts.

  3. Is the merge priced in? Who knows. I would argue that its most likely ether price will be flat until the merge with a small possibility of going higher. Taking a long position now and selling right before the merge seems like a safe play.

  4. Why not hold until after the merge? Despite extensive testing the potential for a long tail bug or massive catastrophe will keep me away. On the other hand if eth price crashes it will present a rare and good opportunity to accumulate more eth.

  5. Staking is expensive. You need the 32 eth for staking, plus a decent rig with 1-2 TB of storage, plus additional eth for transaction fees, plus you can’t withdraw eth until withdraws are enabled? Maybe using rocketpool is a better idea? Need to look into it more.

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