November 22, 2022

Can you afford to be an entrepreneur?

With modern insurance plans how does one afford to be an entrepreneur?

Asked a group of friends who are solo developers running their own companies/projects (without VC funding) how much they pay for health insurance? All are paying upwards of 500$/month for healthcare with deductibles above 7-8 thousand dollars. Several have stopped working solo due to health issues that have blown them past any sort of runway they had. Currently the only solutions’ that I can see are:

  1. Entrepreneurs must already be extremely wealthy to have a nest egg that will support them through illness

  2. Under the age of 26 so they can be on their parents insurance

  3. Get married so they can be on their spouses plan

  4. Get VC funding -> Hire a bunch of people -> Get an employee health care plan for everyone

How does an American afford to become an entrepreneur?

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